Bringing people together through food is one of the best and most rewarding feelings to me, thereby creating lasting food memories.


I was born in Namibia and spent my childhood and school career in Windhoek. After school, I moved to Cape Town to further my studies at the Institute of Culinary Arts. In 2009 I was placed at Overture restaurant as a student and this is where I realized that my future will be in restaurants and the food industry. Under the guidance and training of Chef Bertus Basson, I worked through the ranks to become Head Chef at Overture.

In 2015 I decided to gain more international work experience and left for Sydney, Australia.  I really enjoyed working in some of Sydney’s best kitchens such as the acclaimed chef Neil Perry’s Rockpool and explored Australia’s diverse food culture. After Australia I worked in Sweden for their busy summer season after which I returned to Cape Town to continue working here. After being promoted to Group Chef of Bertus Basson I facilitated catering events and helped manage all of his restaurants.

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Abundance Catering

My first solo venture is Abundance Catering which is  based at the beautiful Brenaissance Wine & Stud farm, Devon Valley Road, Stellenbosch. Me and my team will be catering exclusively for all events hosted at Brenaisance, as well as catering for all outside events, large or small, from the same kitchen.

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Adele Grewar believes in celebrating what you have available on your door step, South Africa and more specifically the Wine Lands has been home to Adele for the last 12 years.

She is adamant to support local farmers and small businesses. To get the best flavor you have to use the best and freshest possible produce. If you have quality produce, the flavors speak for themselves.

It is not only the produce that inspires her, but the people too. South Africa is an extremely versatile country with people from all walks of life, she celebrates and embraces all cultures with their diverse flavors and unique cooking experiences.

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